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Dear God, we parents humbly come to Thee,

With all our hearts to make this earnest plea:

O Father, in the name of Thy dear Son,

We ask thy blessing on each daughter, son.

Help us to set small footsteps on the way

That leads to Thee, and may they never stray.

And then, by word and deed and truth

Help us to be a guide to those in youth.

Help each one grow in body and in soul,

To be upright and clean and good---their highest goal.

Alone, we cannot do this greatest task---

To raise a family, therefore this we ask:

Give us a wise and understanding heart;

Thy guidance, counsel, love, to us impart.

And where we fail, then in some other way

Supply their every need from day to day.

Forgive our past mistakes, and may we be

Much better parents, strengthened, Lord by Thee.

Lead us and ours by Thine almighty hand

Till, kept by Thee, before Thy throne we stand.

For this we pray: we and our family will be

At last, in heav’n, forever---all with Thee.

-----Gertrude Krenzke Ebeling

From the Scrapbook of George W. DeHoff


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