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My Rules For Life | Written By: George W. DeHoff


George W. DeHoff

1.) I try never to say anything behind a man’s back that would give me the least embarrassment to say to his face.

2.) I try never to speak back to personal critics – friends do not need to hear the defense and enemies would not believe it.

3.) Every day I greet every person I see with a smile and make a special effort to do so if the person is poor or in unfortunate circumstances.

4.) The first thing when I awake in the morning I plan what my duty for the day is and try to go beyond it.

5.) Every day I read from the Bible and some other good books—feeding the mind and soul is more important than feeding the body.

6.) I try to pay every debt I owe on time and always have something from every pay check, however small.

7.) I like people and never harbor any malice or hatred toward any person in the world; I like places and have yet to be anywhere that I do not like –-I go there with the intention of liking the place.

8.) I am a confirmed optimist believing that even in this life evil men will be punished by their own unhappiness and good men will be rewarded. “It’s better further on.”

9.) I try to close each day as if it were the last day I’d be on earth, closing the books on all regrets, worries, and annoyances.

10.) The last thing I do at night is to count one by one the blessings of the day. This makes me so thankful and happy that I soon drift into pleasant sleep. In this spirit I hope to close life’s journey and drift into eternity.


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