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The Bible Correspondence Course | Share The Gospel

Share The Gospel with your friends and neighbors...

The John Hurt Bible Study Series - The Bible Correspondence Course.

In this fast-paced age of computer-driven information...

Some things are still better received special in the mailbox!

This easy-to-follow 8-part course teaches all the basics:

Lesson 1: The Old Testament

Lesson 2: The New Testament

Lesson 3: Rightly Dividing The Word

Lesson 4: Faith and Works

Lesson 5: Becoming a Christian

Lesson 6: Acceptable Worship

Lesson 7: The New Testament Church

Lesson 8: You Can Be Just A Christian

Students receive each lesson in the mail and complete the course at their own pace.

It's so easy to use this valuable teaching tool. Sign up a friend today!

Contact us to request your very own copy of the Bible Correspondence Course.


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